A Lonely World RP Backup Wiki
A Lonely World RP Backup Wiki

Welcome to the Wiki

"Apart, we're alone, together, we're alone, that's what makes us... A Lonely World."

A Lonely World is a roleplay created by User Q.

The synopsis is that, when all life seemingly disappears one day, a group of survivors band together and try to piece together what happened to the rest of civilization.

If You Wanted to Join...

There are several rules you have to follow if you want to join this wiki

  • Avoid arguments at any cost, if there's one, please sort it out all together.
  • Please be nice to each other.
  • Please don't randomly edit the pages, I've worked hard on creating them.
  • Please don't talk about politics here, this place is for fun.
  • Please be serious.
  • Please don't post irrelevant images or I will delete it.

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